Age 25

Where are you based at the moment (who do you work for)?

At the moment I am based in Pretoria at the Head Quarters of South African Revenue Services (SARS)

In what year did you complete your honours degree?


What path did you follow before ending up with your current company?

Immediately after graduation while I was still doing interviews with local construction companies in Port Elizabeth, I got a call from SARS voicing their interest in the knowledge and skills I had acquired through my studies. After completing my Honours degree, I started working at SARS through their graduate programme.

What is your current position and what does the role entail?

Currently I am a Regional Facilities Manager for the Free State and Northern Cape. My department is Finance and the division I am responsible for is Corporate Real Estate (CRE). This entails management of property portfolio ranging from SARS office space, accommodations, port of entry infrastructure and warehousing.

What advice would you give a current construction management student?

Do your honours because it is the key to unlimited management roles in the built environment. Do not limit your thinking into being a site manager, as there are endless opportunities out there.

What was your favourite module?

I would say undergraduate was KBS (structures). Postgraduate would be the afternoon sessions with John, mostly due to the determination he showed in getting the knowledge across during the Fees Must Fall protests. His module was KBM which prepares one for the professional environment as it taps into your analytical thinking and problem solving.

Who was your favourite lecturer?

Chris Allen, as his consultations were never limited to his modules but were spread out to all queries I had in the built environment.

What are your plans for the next 5 to 10 years?

Short term plan is to do my master’s degree which will then make it possible for me to complete my doctoral studies within the next 10 years. Currently though I am looking for an environment with different challenges to advance my career spectrum.