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Construction Management

Construction management is a holistic built environment discipline in that the related tertiary education addresses three main streams, namely management, economics, and science and technology. This empowers construction management graduates to manage the business of construction and projects (the physical process) as construction managers. Furthermore, construction management is the ‘gateway’ qualification for construction project management, which is the management of projects from conception to completion on behalf of a client, including design delivery, integration of design and construction, and the overseeing of construction. Construction management is a proactive and demanding discipline as it entails managing the resources of management, supervision, labour, competencies (knowledge and skills), information, finance, materials, plant and equipment, technology, and subcontractors, both on and off-site, within various built environment organisations. These resources, regardless of stakeholder constituency, need to be managed within defined parameters, namely cost, developmental objectives, the environment, construction and public health and safety, productivity, quality, schedule (time), and employee, client and customer satisfaction.

You may now ask: "What is special about Construction Management at the NMMU?"

Firstly, the Department of Construction Management presents the Construction Management programme. It is our core business! We are not presenting a hybrid programme directed towards developing two disciplines of built environment practitioners!

Secondly, a Construction Manager heads the Department, which includes Construction Management staff, which has large general contracting, consulting, research, publishing, lecturing, community service, and professional association and council related experience. The Department staff also includes an engineer, which provides diversity in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Thirdly, you will note from the resources and parameters that we are not 'caught up' in the old paradigm of cost, quality and schedule (narrow focus) - we place people first and foremost: management, supervision, labour, environment, and health and safety. Our students and graduates have historically been empowered, and will continue to be, to provide 'people-centred leadership. We inculcate and engender a culture of 'better practice' in and among our students, which endeavour is underpinned by a strong research culture directed towards relevant built environment and construction related issues, such as health and safety, the environment and sustainability, HIV and AIDS, diversity including women in construction and people with disabilities, productivity, quality management, sustainability of small enterprises, and the performance of industry, organisations, and buildings and structures.

Professor Brink Botha - PhD (Construction Management) - Construction Management

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