Age 35

Where are you based at the moment (who do you work for)?

I am currently working as a Project engineer for Lendlease on the North Connex Tunnel project in Sydney, where I am part of the Final Lining Team. It is a multi-billion Dollar infrastructure project that involves various disciplines and will result in over 20km of tunnel being constructed.

In what year did you complete your honours degree?


What path did you follow before ending up with your current company?

I have around 7 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, with a predominant focus on Civil Construction Projects. I have occupied various roles within different companies, with each role giving me new insights on how to most effectively achieve the desired project goals. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some ground breaking projects, such as the Coega Harbor Project and the Jeffrey’s Bay Wind farm project, which both notably changed the landscape South Africa’s Eastern Cape Coast line. I have extensive concrete and earthworks experience, as well as in depth knowledge of road base construction. I have worked for some of the top 5 South African Construction Companies, as well as having worked in Hong Kong before moving to Australia.

What is your current position and what does the role entail?

Project Engineer heavily focussed on Quality control and reporting. I manage a team of site engineers to ensure compliance to design. I am also involved with the production team who is completing the tunnels final lining, which is a sprayed concrete layer that forms the outer shell of the tunnel.

What advice would you give a current construction management student?

Pay attention to detail. Never stop learning and don’t shy away from a challenge. The industry is tough but it is also rewarding. Do things right the first time, to avoid reworks! “Never give up and never surrender” (John Smallwood).

What was your favourite module?

Structures and Project Management

Who was your favourite lecturer?

Brink Botha, John Smallwood and Andre Malherbe

What are your plans for the next 5 to 10 years?

I would like to be managing a large infrastructure projects as a Project Manager. I would like to settle in Australia and attain permanent residency.