Age 27

Where are you based at the moment (who do you work for)?

I am based in Cape Town. I currently work as a Project Manager for Mace Management Services (PTY) Ltd

In what year did you complete your honours degree?


What path did you follow before ending up with your current company?

I first worked as a Junior Construction Manager for Integrated Solutions where we specialised in hotel refurbishments and retail fit-outs. I was also fortunate enough to work cross boarder in Central West Africa as well through this company. I was based here between 2014- 2016

In 2017 I then joined a Cape Town based property developed company called Rabie Property Group (Pty) Ltd where I worked as a Project Manager for high end residential, Mixed-use and commercial developments.

In October 2018 I then joined Mace where I am currently based as a Project Manager.

What is your current position and what does the role entail?

  • Market Research
  • Investigation and feasibility of possible new developments/projects
  • Negotiation of contract & supply prices
  • Formulation and coordination of marketing and sales activities
  • Input and coordination of the design and specifications of buildings, civils and services
  • Liason with local/provincial authorities and other stakeholders
  • Management of site staff
  • Quality Control
  • Management of project programme and financial controls
  • Attending to the companies obligations with respect to maintenance
  • Authorisation of payments to clients and sub-contractors
  • Design input, supervision of project activities
  • Attend meetings when required and preparation of correspondence and minutes
Any other duties as required by the directors

What advice would you give a current construction management student?

The course can be challenging but also very rewarding. Maintain good relationships with your peers and your lecturers as you may need them for networking and business opportunities in the future. You can have the best CV and pass all your modules with distinction, but ultimately in the real world what matters the most is who you know.

If a respected individual in the industry can vouch for you – their opinion will matter a lot more to potential employers/clients than fancy words written on a piece of paper.

What was your favourite module?

KBS – Structures. It was very challenging and I enjoyed the maths/physics behind it.

Who was your favourite lecturer?

Both John Smallwood and Chris Allen

What are your plans for the next 5 to 10 years?

In the next 5 years, I would like to further my career on the property development side. I would also like to get exposure abroad either in the Middle East, Europe or America.

Within the next 10 years I would like to be my own boss and have my own development/project management company.