Launch of bela – Built Environment Ladies Association in Gqeberha.

An association for women in the Built Environment launched on Friday, 29 April 2022. Their inaugural event was a site visit to the WBHO site at the Boardwalk Mall Phase II and guided by WBHO's representatives, Mr Jacques Nortje and Mr Lenel Oosthuizen.

After the site visit, the launch reception was held at Bem Vindo restaurant, graciously attended by Maria Pereira and her staff.


The attendance exceeded everybody's expectations, with sixty-five ladies across all sectors in the Built Environment supporting the bela launch. It demonstrated that there is a niche for women in the Built Environment to have an opportunity to connect on a social level.


During the presentation, the bela president Claire Crone explained the concept: "bela is a non-profit, voluntary, community-based organisation in Gqeberha for women involved in the multiple aspects of the Built Environment".

Bela founding members (from left to right): Katharina Crafford, Beverley Heine, Kylie Allers, Suzette Parkin and Claire Crone.

Bela's mission: 

  • To bring together ladies involved in the professional and related aspects of the Built Environment.
  • To inspire, uplift and empower women in the Built Environment.
  • To promote the meeting of minds and exchange of ideas amongst all its members in a supportive environment.
  • To promote friendship and a culture of fun, creative and inspiring networking, and skills development.

Bela commits itself to promoting social networking for ladies involved in the professional and related aspects of the Built Environment… in a non-racial, non-discriminating and democratic way and to provide equal rights to all members and administrators.

Why no men? It's no secret that women and men interact and communicate differently on a social level, and the dynamics of a group can change depending on the mix.

This association does not exclude men but celebrates women in the Built Environment & acknowledge our differences.

Bela plans to have monthly events, and each quarter will consist of three themes: one site visit, one professional development presentation and one personal development presentation.

Bela's vision is to provide an opportunity for forming friendships and personal growth in a fun environment.

Any women interested in attending future events should join the Telegram broadcast group t.me/BelaOrg for more information.

Site Visit: Boardwalk Mall’s Phase II (Photo courtesy of Alan W. Straton)

For more photos visit Facebook: Bela BelaOrg or contact Claire Crone (bela president), cell: 0720253599